Roll with Soul

Roll with Soul food trucks are distinctive to Australia’s food truck scene serving up

serving up authentic Soul food offering variety of cuisine originating in the south eastern United States and from Native American culture covering the region of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Lousiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia

Soul food is common in areas with a history of slave-based plantations and has maintained popularity among the Black American and American Deep-South communities for centuries. The expression "soul food" originated in the mid-1960s, when "soul" was a common word used to describe Black American culture.

Soul food originated in the southern region of the US and is consumed by African-Americans across the nation. Traditional soul food cooking is seen as one of the ways enslaved Africans passed their traditions to their descendants once they were brought to the US, and is a cultural creation stemming from slavery and Native American and European influences. Recipes considered soul food are popular in the South due to the accessibility and affordability of the ingredients, as well as the proximity that African-Americans and white Americans maintained during periods of slavery and reconstruction. Scholars have noted that while white Americans provided the material culture for soul food dishes, the cooking techniques found in many of the dishes have been visibly influenced by the enslaved Africans themselves.

Roll with Soul food truck  is one of the most iconic food trucks in Australia and attend major large-scale events to feed the thousand attendees. We have a capacity to turn over up to 350 serves per hour with menu that can be tailored to suit any dietary requirements, and on some occasions have been tweaked to fit the theme. Our dedicated team are also more than happy to dress the part! Have your very own food truck roll up to your festivities, offices or private parties.

Roll with Soul Catering

Established for over decade, we are the perfect blend of experience and creativity to make your event a great success. With a unique menu of mouthwatering burgers, impress your guests with all the vibrant aromatic dishes that will surprise, delight and please all tastebuds in the most harmonious ways. Leisurely luncheons | intimate dinner parties | elegant cocktail parties | birthday parties | conferences | launches & office catering | fundraising | social events. Please contact us for our full menu.

Roll with Soul Events

Mobile bar services.

Our mobile bars have been designed especially for us to ensure speed of service, flexibility and a great look to suit your occasion. Roll with Soul events is working closely with a number of major spirit brands and champagne houses to ensure our cocktails are of the highest quality. With our exemplary standards of service and cocktail knowledge we create bespoke cocktails to deliver an atmosphere of style and sophistication. We also supply a range of delicious mocktails using fresh fruit and premium juices and splashes of purees and syrups.

Event Productions and Theming

We offer an all-encompassing styling and hire service to provide you with a wide range of options to suit every occasion. And this is what we believe when it comes to styling your perfect events. Roll with Soul Events will ensure that we capture, source and design the ultimate event theming for your occasion. Be it a cocktail style or sit-down event for lunch or dinner, we will provide you with total event solutions including furniture, Audio Visual, Staging and decorations.

Roll with Soul Pop-up Eateries

At some events and mobile trading locations, Roll with Soul conducts trading by having a pop-up eatery either by using our own marquee system or structure set up by the event organisers. We are capable of bringing our own kitchen commissary infrastructure including all cooking equipment, tables and point of sale. Based on the requirement of each event, Roll with Soul commissions our Production and Styling team to add visual theming to our set-up by having cushioned-crate seatings, tables, signage, lighting system, display materials, and flags amongst others. Provision of entertainment such as DJs, acoustic & vocal performers, live paint artists are few of popular additions to our set-up at events.